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Internets at the Metropole ...

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So ... Currently at Discworld and have made a bit of a discovery re:internets at the Metropole which should probably be kept in mind for Illustrious next year.

Basically - wifi is ground floor (Bt Openzone) and 5th Floor executive lounge (Ibahn Wifi) only not generally available elsewhere. Rooms are wired internet. All connections are MacAddress bound.

None of the networks are interchangeable.

I.E. to use Wifi downstairs and have a connection in your room is £25 per day (£10 for the openzone in the lobby/bar/con rooms, 15 for the wired connection in the room. If you want to use wifi in the executive lounge thats another £15 a day - although there are two PC's in there which are free to use. and due to MAC address binding (yes - i know there are ways round it, thats not the point) that is the cost per device

Even the hotel staff think this is stupid and are very appologetic about it but say there are no plans to change things.

Ironically this must be more trouble to maintain than its worth. I was completely boggled when I was talking to the duty manager - its probably the most insane system i've come across in a hotel.
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