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Contemplation - Easter 2007

As Fran asked, here's a suggestion

Contemplation logo

Contemplation - an Eastercon replacement relaxacon/low-impact convention, to be held at the Britannia International Hotel, London Docklands over the Easter weekend 2007

In Fran's requested format: [1]

Relaxacon / London, Britannia International Docklands / people involved, none (or maybe Chris O'Shea if no one else steps forward) / 300ish (total guess) / 600 / room rates about £40-45pppn, no idea on membership rate (probably would take a straight transfer of Convoy membership) / official Eastercon? Yes, if possible, to simplify voting etc.

and in pseudo XML
<location>Britannia International Hotel, London Docklands</location>
<committee>Chris O'Shea, Hayley and anyone else that volunteers!</committee>
<rates>membership tbd, probably £45</rates>
<eastercon>Yes, it would be a replacement Eastercon</eastercon>
<contactDetails>Chris O'Shea</name>
<notes>Room rates around £40-45pppn sharing. Minimal programming but maximum socialising and having fun (plus a 2009 bid session). The programme may include London sightseeing. Hotel has a pool/healthclub. Easy access (via Docklands Light Railway) to central London.</notes>

[1] Event type / proposed location (city, venue) / people involved / minimum attendee size to make it viable / maximum attendee size you'd be prepared to handle / any ideas on cost / would you want to be the official Eastercon?

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