Closing this community

With the flight from Live Journal, should we just close this community down? Is it useful enough to ressurect elsewhere, like Dreamwidth, or just have the Facbook page, which is active for updates, if not discussion.
marcus 2013

Moscow State Circus In London

If anyone is interested in circuses, the Moscow State Circus is visiting London during and after Eastercon, on Shepherds Bush Green April 3rd-19th. This is about 40 minutes from the con by public transport, assuming good luck with connections, or a drive via Chiswick and Hammersmith.

The Moscow State Circus returns to the UK with its latest and greatest production to date. 'Zhelaniy' is based on the Russian folklore story of Cvetik-Semicvetik, or "the flower with seven colors", by Benjamin Losin, where each of the petals represent a wish and is the perfect back drop for what is undoubtedly the greatest and most famous circus on earth.

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Final PR Live

Hi all,

We've got the final PR up on the website - grab it before the link gets to everyone's email and the site slows to a crawl ;-)

In it are details of how to get to us, stuff in the area, a fun item, dealers and more.

Of course the programme will be live in a short time on the site too.

We are highly unlikely to be selling memberships on the door as we're almost sold out so if you aren't signed up and want to go then please do pop over to and sign up :-)

The PR is at:

It's PR2 although the third PR we did.
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Eastercon 2015 Programme Partly Announced

We've got part of the programme up and there's another batch of workshops going up either tomorrow or Saturday but as the writing workshops require submissions before the event I just wanted to ping everyone here to give them a bit of a heads up. The few programme items already announced are here: and the next announcement about workshops will be in the same section.

So if you want to attend one of the writing workshops please do check back Saturday as spots are limited.

And of course - if you haven't joined already please do:

Our guests are: Jim Butcher
Seanan McGuire
Herr Döktor
Caroline Mullan

marcus 2013

Eastercon talk

During the 2011 Eastercon (Birmingham International) I gave a talk about Victorian / Edwardian SF called "Empire of Earth"

I ad-libbed a little at various points and I'm now trying to reconstruct what I actually said, as opposed to what I have written down, since I remember it as being considerably funnier than the script.

Did anyone record this? If so, I'd love to get hold of it.